This past Saturday, Monticello was set ablaze with the vibrant energy of Jazzy McBee’s Singles Mingles Mixer, an unforgettable soirée that brought together Atlanta’s most dynamic singles for an evening of connection, music, and excitement sponsored by Jack Daniels!

The event was graced by the incredible talent, Tyler Leplay, who spoke on tips and tools for maintaining a successful partnership with the media while proclaiming his love for his current relationship and how he makes his woman happy. Amy Luciano, with her powerful voice, took the stage, delivering an exciting performance and engaging with fans throughout the night.

The Singles Mingles Mixer lived up to its name, with attendees seamlessly moving through the night, striking up conversations, and forging connections. Whether it was over a shared laugh, a dance under the stars, or a bid on a unique date at the dating auction, the atmosphere was charged with the promise of new beginnings.

The historic Monticello venue provided a picturesque setting for the event. The combination of elegant charm and modern flair created an ambiance that perfectly complemented the night’s festivities, leaving attendees enchanted by both the company and the venue.

Tyler Leplay and Amy Luciani were not the only stars of the night. Special guests, including influential personalities such as; South Fulton Mayor Khalid, Central Park 5 Santana Raymond, Influencer Big Sexyy, and Chris Williams from “Married at First Sight”, Treasure P, Spence Kelly and more from Atlanta’s social scene, added an extra layer of excitement. From surprise performances to unexpected encounters, the event kept everyone on their toes.

As the night concluded, Jazzy McBee led a heartwarming finale, celebrating the potential for love, connections, and the beginning of beautiful journeys. The Singles Mingles Mixer at Monticello proved to be more than an event; it was a celebration of life, love, and the power of bringing people together.

If you missed this one, fear not! Stay tuned for updates on future events from Jazzy McBee. The Singles Mingles Mixer was just the beginning of a series that promises more moments of connection, laughter, and perhaps, a touch of romance.Cheers to love, laughter, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.


Photo Credit: Justin – Good Kingx