“It’s not ‘til I met that Mary Jane, old legends reincarnate.”—“Old Soul” by Stephen Marley.

Dare to Grow, was the theme of the 12th Annual MJBizCon, the largest cannabis conference expo, in the world, Craig! From November 28th till December 1st, Las Vegas’ Marijuana Conference and Business Expo coupled with its plethora of conversations and consumers, dared to influence cannabis connoisseurs to dream, learn, unite, expand, and grow the herb. 

Keynote speakers of the conference consisted of Kristi Price, Founder and CEO of Black CannaBusiness, Guy Rocourt, co-founder and CEO of Papa & Barkley, and Authors of Legal Weed: The Blunt Realities of Cannabis and Economics, Robin Goldstein and Daniel Summer. Attendees discovered the latest in Cannabis Tech and Trends, as well as probing into achieving equity in cannabis. Women must be empowered and celebrated in every facet of every business where they leave their footprint and MJBizCon had that covered with their Empowering Women in Cannabis event, in which the industries female powerhouses were recognized and congratulated.  

Followed by MJBizCon standing on cannabis business, were the plethora of industry-related parties, one of them being the MANSION ON HIGH event, in which guests gathered to mix and mingle in one of Las Vegas’ palatial pieces of real estate, while being wined and dined, in honor of ganja. Cheurlin Champagne by Isiah Thomas—a two-time NBA Champion and champagne savant, hosted the champagne reception, while Chef Matt presented an exquisitely cooked and prepared cannabis and CBD culinary experience. The soiree was presented by ILYSM (I Love You So Much) Health—a nutraceutical company dedicated to elevating wellness and pleasure, founded by CEO Dennis Jenn. Their mission is developing the next generation of patented, plant-based sexual health enhancement solutions, based on the combination of cannabis and erectile dysfunction inhibitors aka Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors (PDE5Is). 

The official MJBizCon after-party was also presented by High Tech Healing—a woman-owned herbal health and wellness company, in collaboration with a collection of Marley Brands, such as Marley One, which offers functional mushroom products globally and via its website. The brand also produces therapeutic wellness retreats in Jamaica and will offer legalized psilocybin-based products on the island in the near future. Stephen Marley founded KxFamily Care—a family-focused, premium CBD and hemp-infused brand and Rohan Marley leads Lion Order, a movement with a global collection of pro athletes, activists, and visionaries who are committed to the elevation and edification of consciousness via plant medicine. Unleash your inner lion via Lion X Wellness, a CBD company that yields oils, gummies, capsules, and balms, created and owned by Nico Marley.

The legendary Marley energy was in full effect with the Granddaughter of Bob and the Daughter of Stephen—Selecta Shacia Päyne Marley, positively amplifying the motion of the party via the turntables. Shacia chose to continue her family’s legacy of music, by inserting herself into the DJ side of things, which is seemingly male-dominated. However, the women are showing up and showing out, which was Shacia’s intent. She said she has seen a 100% increase in women DJs, “I have become friends with most of them, learning and bouncing ideas, because it’s really a male thing. And truly when we go to these parties, it’s the girls. We know the vibes.” When asked about the lack of diversity within reggae festivals, such as the ones here in Las Vegas, Ms. Marley feels it’s the fault of the promoter and that they must mix it up. The Marley Family has every dimension of cannabis and CBD covered with their massive worldwide brands. Shacia’s advice for prospective consumers, is to use it, don’t abuse it. “Don’t feel pressured. Marijuana is a plant, it’s natural, but if it’s not for you, it’s not for you.” 

Special Guest DJ and legendary turntablist—Mix Master Mike was on the scene getting busy on the 1’s and 2’s, as if he was mixing it up with the iconic hip-hop and rap rock band, the Beastie Boys from back in the day. Mix Master Mike has been keeping busy with various charities he is involved with and donates to, such as: The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s, Vogel Alcove Children’s Homeless Facility, Operation Smile—a non-profit medical service organization that gives the gift of a new smile to children with a cleft condition and Stand Up To Cancer. “Right now, I’m at the point of giving. Trophies and accolades are all fine and dandy, but there’s got to be more to it,” he adds, “There are not enough artists that are doing more than doing for themselves.” The DJ was also celebrating the release of his latest body of work, Opus X Magnum— a long-playing album, featuring percussionist, Mark Schwartz

Shacia Päyne Marley can be found on social media at @shaciapayne, as well as Mix Master Mike at @mixmastermike.

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Videography by Adrien Hill and Kennedy Vincent