Aside from being a wife, mother, and CEO of Shadae Renee Beauty entrepreneur, Shadae Renee has created a long list of accolades as she has built her reputable career. The Howard University Alum has gained attention for her luxurious, natural, and versatile hairstyles seen on networks such as OWN TV, Bravo, and VH1. Shadae Renee’s Atlanta-based studio is just one of the many ventures that have boosted this girl boss to the spotlight. She has her gifted hands in everything from real estate to beauty and lifestyle brands. Shadae Renee’s latest breakthrough, however, is one that is not only uplifting but also inspiring.

It is estimated over 50% of women will experience hair loss, and almost half of all Black Women will experience hair loss in their lifetime. Illnesses like alopecia, cancer, and other medical ailments are responsible for hair loss in 30 million women. Shadae Renee Beauty has made it possible for customers to purchase units using their insurance. As a Certified Cranial Prosthesis Specialist, Shadae Renee’s goal is to uplift and reinforce confidence in women who suffer from hair loss.

With the pressure of beauty standards, women of color have often been expected to assimilate to certain templates of beauty that are often seen as acts of vanity and often shame women of color for the use of hair extensions and wigs. Unaware of the harrowing reality millions of women experience. Resources to hide hair loss are often expensive and can require hundreds of dollars in maintenance. This transformative act in the beauty industry grants access to so many women suffering in silence.
Shadae Renee Beauty is one of Atlanta’s first beauty providers accepting insurance for her groundbreaking medical wigs.

This powerhouse of a businesswoman is on track to reinventing how society views access to beauty. Using her branding and marketing techniques, her company is set to soar and transform lives. Shadae is proving to this industry that confidence is non-negotiable. Find more information on

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