Sheen Magazine is proud to spotlight the incredible efforts of Shante Saulsberry, the founder and Executive Director of Janice’s Women’s Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting victims of domestic violence and homelessness in the State of Arizona.

Shante Saulsberry’s unwavering commitment to empowering women and children who have experienced domestic violence is truly inspiring. Through her tireless work, she has facilitated the placement of countless women into shelters across Arizona, providing them with a safe haven to rebuild their lives. Shante’s compassion, dedication, and advocacy have empowered survivors to overcome systemic barriers and discover their inner strength to break free from cycles of abuse.

One of the remarkable aspects of Shante’s efforts is the vibrant community she has built around the valley of Arizona. This community of supporters has propelled Janice’s Women’s Center to new heights, allowing the organization to reach more women and children in need. In the face of an alarming rise in cases of domestic violence, Shante Saulsberry’s work shines as a beacon of hope and support.

Beyond her work with survivors, Shante has extended her advocacy to the realm of children who suffer from domestic violence and struggle with behavioral health. She is dedicated to making a positive impact in schools by delivering valuable resources and literature to educators, enabling them to better support young individuals navigating trauma, behavioral health challenges, and mental health struggles.

Janice’s Women’s Center is currently in the process of raising funds to establish a safe house for women and children by the end of 2023. The urgency of this endeavor cannot be overstated, as the need for such shelters continues to grow globally. Shante Saulsberry emphasizes the significance of involving celebrities, communities, and individuals in supporting this noble cause.

As domestic violence cases escalate worldwide, shedding light on organizations like Janice’s Women’s Center becomes imperative. Sheen Magazine commends Shante Saulsberry’s dedication and persistence in providing crucial support to those in urgent need.

To get involved and support the cause, visit the Janice’s Women’s Center website and connect with Shante Saulsberry. Every contribution, whether through donations, partnerships, or raising awareness, plays a vital role in creating a safer and brighter future for survivors of domestic violence. You can equally get involved in the upcoming golf tournament on October 21st, 2023. This event is the first Inaugural Golf Tournament that Janice’s Women’s Center has put on and it’s going to inspire, spread awareness, and provides safe lodging through its efforts of raising fun and funding.

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