Enduring the choices given but never becoming discouraged in pursuit of one’s maneuvers, actress and businesswoman Shantel Jackson embraces her power by standing her supportive ground when necessary. Discussing how falling out of love with one career can broaden one’s spectrum, Jackson’s entrepreneurship began when deciding to take a step back from the norm to pursue new ventures. Already having the set background, being a businesswoman was more than a title, but a brand that has exceeded into multiple.

Choosing to widen the parallel range, Jackson came to the irony for herself along with those in need of relieving the pressure when putting their best foot forward. By developing Shoe Gummi known as shoe soles placed on the outer shoe to help relieve pressure when walking or standing for long periods. “I had this product Shoe Gummi that I knew firsthand worked for me, and I just thought to myself, you know what this is going to be my plan, and I’m going to put one hundred percent with this and see where it takes me and that’s what I did.”

What turned out to be a personal invention within over a decade adjusted into a consumer product years later. Having an AH-HA moment led to the first-ever outer soles. Making it more so unique due to it being placed on the outer bottom of high-heeled shoes.  “I’ve been wearing high heels for fifteen plus years, and foot pain is not something that you will ever get over. It’s going to be there. You never get use to it and if you don’t have that added comfort to help throughout the night, you’re going to pop those shoes off and you’re going to go home with aching feet. I feel like with Shoe Gummi, it allows you to not think about your feet.”

As time prevails, Jackson fully plans on expanding her business for both men and women. “I want to build a whole company that houses products for foot comfort and it’s not just for women, it’ll be for women and men. As of right now, I’m working on a possible Gummis for men’s dress shoes. To make those more comfortable as well, I’m working on an item called Toe gummies, but it’s like a toe separator put in between your toes. And it’s not just for wearing high heels. It can also help people who have been on their feet all day and their feet have been crammed in their sneakers. You put these on, and what it does is separate the toes. It stretches them out from being in that uncomfortable position all day. Whether your toes are crammed in sneakers or heels, I feel like foot comfort is really important.”


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Where there is room, there’s always space to grow, looking back on her achievements, Jackson relays a distinct section towards her career where she believes that business-wise, she’s had room to elevate. “Everything is going in the right direction with becoming more successful, more of a brand, more recognition,” Followed by relaying meaningful insights to others who too are inspired, “I always like to say to someone who wants to start a business firsthand always because this is where I started. Do your research, it’s so important. Research is key.”

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