Don’t sweat the small stuff, get the outfit you want and
the shapewear that works best with it. No one has to know, it’s our secret! 

Tis’ the season to shine.  The holidays are quickly approaching, and we are ready to get our party on!  While the pandemic held us back from the gym, the holiday attire doesn’t care about the COVID 15 pounds we packed on.  We can still wear those low cut, skintight, and high split outfits with confidence!

There are many different types of shapewear so make sure you get the one that is best for you. If you are not sure which shapewear is right for you or for your party dress. Let me help you with that:

Let’s start with general information when dealing with shapewear. There are a few things you want to make sure of:

  • You want to select the shapewear that will assist you with the parts of your body you want to control. You also want to keep in mind that size is very important. Make sure you get your correct size.  You want to make sure you feel comfortable and can enjoy the festivities. However, since we are going to be wearing beautiful party dresses you must make sure your undergarments match the dress.

The Pairing for the Occasion

  1. If you want to strut your stuff in that dress with a low plunging neckline to hug you in all the right places, but you have a few extra places that you don’t want it to hug, there is a fix. It is a plunge low back mid-thigh bodysuit. It will hold in your tummy and give you that nice flat stomach, while giving you those curves you desire.
  1. If your desired dress is that dress with the high split but you are not comfortable about the extra jelly in the middle, don’t fret. You will want to go with shapewear that has one leg cut like a body suit and the other leg is a thigh short cut. This will have your waist will be snatched as well and you can rock that high split dress with confidence.
  1. If the outfits you desire shows off your figure, but you’re hesitant because you had too much pandemic comfort food and too little gym. No worries! You want to look for is the strapped full body. You have options, get either a thong or shorts bottom. Walk in with your head held high and stun the guest when you walk in with that tight and right body.