“Big Chicken wouldn’t be growing like it is without the team behind it,” O’Neal said in a release. “My team has done a fantastic job making sure we’re growing in the right way, with the right people. Now, we’re going even BIGGER in Texas and I’m excited to be teammates with Fazil, Frank and Noordin.”

Big Chicken, a fast-casual restaurant company owned by NBA legend and successful entrepreneur Shaquille O’Neal, is expanding to San Antonio, Texas.

Big Chicken’s CEO, Josh Halpern, told KSAT-TV that the company expects to see the first restaurants open in 2023 or early 2024. Big Chicken plans to open up to 50 outlets in Austin, Dallas, and Houston in the near future as part of its massive expansion into the Texas fast food market.

Halpern expressed his excitement saying,“It’s going to take us just a few minutes here to get to San Antonio, but we’re really excited to come to the market.” “I know Shaquille has a deep personal connection to the market, and I’m sure he’s excited to get in San Antonio as well.”

As a homage to O’Neal’s legendary NBA career, the restaurant offers a sandwich named after O’Neal’s longtime NBA teammate and star Charles Barkley, who founded it in 2018.

It presently operates in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Seattle, with arena stands in New York City and the greater Seattle area.