Taneisha Ramsey is a two-time best-selling author, transformational speaker, coach, mother, wife, and entrepreneur.  As with many around the world, she found herself wondering what to do, and how to move when the Pandemic started.  Since then, she has been writing a children’s movie script, became a TV show host, developed a workbook to her book, Daring to Love, and co-authored The Shift.  She has been a featured speaker in several summits including Les Brown’s Power Voice Women’s Summit.  She’s also celebrating the release of over twenty pounds and her first year wedding anniversary. Her interview is part of The Bounce Forward Campaign which seeks to showcase stories of pivoting through unwavering faith and action during challenging times.

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In December, you posted “When joy is not dictated by your circumstances, you can have it every day.” Can you talk about how this “small nugget” has changed your life?

The serenity prayer comes to mind when I think about this statement.  There are things in life that are in our control and things that we have no control of. I have decided to find my grounding peace and joy in my relationship with God. Therefore, I can focus on the joy that I do have and not look at my circumstances to dictate when I feel joy.

How does your life mission show itself in you being a speaker, author, former owner of A+ Healthcare, and TV host?

I was born to help people. I am a nurturing person by nature. In my career as a Registered Nurse for the last 17 years I was fortunate to make an impact in people’s lives related to health and physical outcomes.  Now I’m helping people heal in a different way. My writing and speaking allow me to use my words and life experiences to encourage and heal the soul for spiritual outcomes.

Why did you choose to close your healthcare company?

Three months into the Pandemic, I realized I was running a business that no longer brought me inner joy and so I closed it.  That time became a period where I was able to reflect more on my life, so once I realized it, I quickly acted.

What did you use (and now use) as motivation to keep going with the aforementioned projects and your personal life, in 2020 and now, in 2021?

When you have exhausted your willpower and have done all you can do to make change to keep going and keep your head up, there comes a time where we all must look for help from a greater source. My source is Jehovah God and my faith and the belief that I was born to make a difference in this world always fills my spirit and my life with power to keep pushing.  Also, I can always hear my father’s voice telling me that “Quitters never win and winners never quit.”  We never know if we are going to win if we quit. I’m also very stubborn and innately like to get things done.

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Tell us about She Thrives Now, your recently launched TV show. 

The show was created to help people shift their mindset from surviving to thriving, from victim to victorious. We have all been through periods of our life where we just had to survive. Now that we are out of that period it’s time to stand on those experiences as building blocks and step up to an abundance mindset. Where you believe you deserve to win, that you are uniquely designed a perfect master piece made by the master creator. We interview guests who are thriving in either life, business, health, relationships and/or finance. It is not about our past because we can’t change history but we can make history today with our NOW.

We’ve heard that you like riding your bike with loved ones and walking?

Yes, I love quieting my mind with just me and nature. I cut out all the noise of responsibilities and just soak in the beauty of the sunset, a tree, a flower, or a dolphin swimming close to the shoreline. It reminds me of all the priceless things that we have at our fingertips but oftentimes we let life get too busy to enjoy the priceless moments.

Please talk about the importance of fitting in non-work activities into our lives?

We all need a timeout from the chaos, or maybe not even chaos but just a time out from mental activities. Making a conscious effort to be still allows us to calm the rhythm of our mind and hear God speak to your soul and even see the next vision for the next season in life. It’s important to take those pauses and take in deep breaths of peace and blow out long breaths of stress, breathe in good thoughts and blow out bad thoughts.

What advice would you give your 2015 self and why that?

I would tell myself not to set limits on myself. I realize now I was setting goals that I knew I could meet in my own capacity or intellectual capabilities. They were not dreamer goals.  So, I would say dream, ask, and live big and don’t worry about the how. Just believe that the right doors will open in the right time.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want my legacy to be that billions of women are set free from shame and guilt. That women all over the world were inspired to use their voice and life story to break barriers of shame and guilt off them because they saw another sister share her life’s pitfalls and life wins.

Where can readers find you online?

By visiting my website today! 





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