By now you should have heard of the name Maranda Curtis or heard the song “Nobody Like You Lord.” Maranda Curtis is an amazing gospel artist and a powerful worship leader, who is currently serving at the Faithful Central Bible Church located in Inglewood, California. Recently on August 4th (which is her birthday), she released a new single entitled “Let Him In.” Sheen Magazine had an opportunity to catch up with her to talk.

I’m always impressed with different music artists and the stories behind how they get started. I had to ask Maranda as far as she could remember, when did she start singing?
Maranda: Both of my parents were R&B singers, so I grew up listening to both R&B and jazz. My sister is a singer as well. I do remember my parents pulling me into a room and asking me to sing. Both of them were amazed. 
One of the songs that really put Maranda’s name out was, “Nobody Like You Lord”. Please tell us about that?
Maranda: Nobody Like You Lord just started off as a simple chant. I was told that it really needs to be a song. Before I released it, I  sent over 100 copies to other churches to sing. I encouraged worship teams and music ministries to engage the song by incorporating it to their music set.
Maranda, what was the vision behind the music video “Let Him In” and deciding to have it in Sumter, South Carolina?
Maranda: The story behind “Let Him In” was, I was in the moment of creating songs. I wanted to do an old school song. I started thinking about my mother whom I just recently lost and Aretha Franklin. I started thinking that I wanted to write a love song. The first line came to me: I’m in love. The song ended up not just being a love song but also a form of discipleship encouraging others to let Christ in.
I was in Sumter a few months ago at Jeffrey Lampkins Country Boy Kitchen for another event and I knew right away this is where I wanted to record my video to have that old school feel. 
If you haven’t seen the video you need to. It’s full of fashion from the forties and fifties. It was an array of beautiful hats, jewelry and outfits. The cast includes people from Sumter and Columbia, South Carolina! One thing about Sheen Magazine, we love good music and fashion. I have to say Maranda, you are always gracefully beautiful and full of fashion as well.
Maranda: Yesss, I’m always changing my hairstyles and my nails. Look at my nails!
What is some advice you can give to any other artist?
Maranda: Definitely having patience and staying humble. Know what you are getting involved with and again staying humble and having patience. I’m just now reaping the harvest.
It’s definitely been a pleasure of speaking with Maranda Curtis.
If you haven’t already downloaded Maranda Curtis’s new single “Let Him In,”  it’s available on all digital platforms. 
Photo Credits: Drea Nicole