Lifestyle Editor, Britni Moore goes full Kim Possible Cosplay at the 2021 ComiCon!

Atlanta is the home of your fave artists, actors and even philanthropists. It’s the home of major movie studios, stadiums, and concerts. But did you know that the city turns up hard for ComiCon? Sheen attended this year’s Comic Book Convention “ComiCon,” and not only learned first hand of the culture, but met several black comic book writers and video game designers!

There were so many people dressed as one character, and came in contact with their own counterparts somewhere hidden in the Georgia World Congress Center. My best friend Danna and her little ones dressed as the Steven Universe crew, and her smallest one was in a Goku onesie. I just KNEW you had to dress strictly as comic book characters, I had no idea how vast the options were. Dressed as Disney sensation Kim Possible, I even was met by one of her counterparts on the show, Monique!

The first black owned series we came across was a female owned series called NAFERA by Sekayah Harris. This was based off of Greek Egyptian mythology, and specially premiered at ComiCon!

Next we found the home of DECIMATION EARTH: Agents of Anarchy. This series is under Konkret Comics, the writers and creators are all black of latina descent, and the graphics are FIRE.

Lastly, we had the pleasure of speaking with a black video game creator! His name is Justin, owner of Black Streak Entertainment which caters directly to black anime lovers. He has a solo video game still in the PreAlpha Phase called AlienUp, premiering in ComiCon. It’s a retro video game for lovers of old school shooting vibes. If you have Windows, you can play the game for free right now! Just click here.

It’s being made aware of this special place from the inside for me! Sheen will definitely be back next year, in full cosplay effect!

Featured Image obtained from ATL Comic Convention’s official website