What do you do when a company larger than your own, decides, that they want you to give up your dream. Scenarios like these often result in deferred dreams and economic ruin. This is a story similar to David and Goliath. But instead of slaying an actual giant being, the founders of the Black Jockey Club Clothing company are slaying a corporate giant. What initially began as a civil cease and desist exchange has now sprawled into a fashion bullying battle. Black Jockey Clothing, a burgeoning cultural brand, has been targeted by international clothing manufacturer and apparel brand Jockey International. In the wake of a hotly contested trademark dispute, Jockey International’s choice to target a small Black-owned label has forced Black Jockey Clothing to defend its rights in a trademark battle before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Sheen Magazine sat down with counsel of the brand Dayna C. Cooper, Esq. And the company’s founder Lamont Cooper to learn more about the brand itself, the history of their dispute with Jockey, and much more.