Chicago native, Cecelia Robinson (affectionately known as CeCe), is one of the most captivating personalities within the YouTube space. She has in her own right, become one of the fastest-growing creators within the platform after about 8 months of content production. She’s accomplished this simply because she is telling her own stories. No gimmicks, no special mentions of celebrity gossip, and no makeup tutorials, just Cece.

We became aware of CeCe Reacts at the start of her first video, which chronicles a time in her history when she was on the run from the police. Quickly, she went from 3K subscribers and no videos to 70+ thousand subscribers. Video after video, short after short, Cece’s content became viral. Her fans, myself included couldn’t get enough of her life experiences behind bars.

These stories are real stories that run the gamut on her personal relationships with guards, her relationships with women in the prison, and how women in prison create sex toys. There is nothing off-subject for Cece and we are tuned in weekly to check to learn more. But as much as her content has risen, it started to be very apparent that the rise, seemed to have been blocked by slowdowns of “adult warnings” and unsearchable content. In recent years, Black creatives have noticed that this level of “blackballing” on social media has been more commonplace than their contemporaries and Cece has a plan to do something about the unfair labeling related to her videos.

However. If one were to believe that Robinson’s YouTube channel is the most interesting thing she’s working on, you’d be sorely mistaken. She is an accomplished writer who has recently dropped her latest novel, which holds a five-star rating on Amazon, Suga. Additionally, she’s in sports and entertainment management, and she’s working on developing several film and movie projects.

Cece discusses her creative endeavors, her YouTube lawsuit, and more in an in-depth video below.