Coach Tina Ramsay is a Homeschooling Mom of two children, a wife of almost 20 years, and relies on her Strong Faith and Relationship with God to Direct her steps. She’s an international speaker that has spoken on over 100 stages, and she is a 2-time Best-Selling Co-Author on Amazon.

She is also a certified VCM Coach specializing in helping Entrepreneurs excel online with visibility, connections, and monetization, unleashing the power of tv and podcasting to amplify their voice to Millions from the comfort of their homes. Coach Tina teaches entrepreneurs how to duplicate her system of success as a #1 Podcast Specialist.

In addition, Coach Tina is a promoter and ambassador of brands, Virtual Events Director Coach Tina loves spotlighting you. She is a TV Producer, Host, and an accomplished Magazine Columnist Writer/Blogger that focuses on Business, Wellness, and Life. Coach Tina owns 4 Google 5-star rated businesses. She is the Founder of Epic Business Leaders, CEO of, CTR Enterprises, and Executive Producer & Host of The Tina Ramsay Show & Podcast, an IMDb accredited TV Show.

Coach Tina’s determination and zeal for life comes from her inborn will to fight for others. After her near-death experiences and various hardships in her life over the years after having a stroke at 25 years old that left her partially paralyzed, she operates and moves on purpose, especially when God Blessed her to walk again. So, she uses her life as a testimony to inspire you to dream again and never give up. We live in a time where we can only elevate if we join together to advance each other. She walks on purpose and is determined to help entrepreneurs tap into their full potential using their God-Given gifts, talents, and exceptional skills. She loves providing platforms for others to tell their story and share their businesses. She built her influence to position others. Coach Tina is honored to be positioned in such a way to be of service to others to connect them with opportunities to live the best life that they were born to live.

Tina, please tell our Sheen readers how has the pandemic impacted your career. 

The pandemic was a shift for me. My business was going so great before the Pandemic I was booked, sold out, and blessed, as we would say. I finally had everything together and knew where I was going and who I was going to help. Then, the Pandemic hit. I was unclear on my direction and how I could pivot from 100% in person to 100% online. Lastly, should I continue, or should I stop and return to a 9 to 5 job. 

Through prayer, mindset shift, and allowing God to direct my steps, I built, developed, and grew up on what I was doing and became even better and went into an industry that I never thought I would. What was that? TV broadcasting and repositioning my influence in the radio and podcasting world by going back to my roots.

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

My husband inspired me to become an entrepreneur. I must admit that I was not always this way. It was my husband’s biggest challenge in regards to entrepreneurship. I felt at the time that it was too risky and not secure. I was comfortable with the consistent flow of a paycheck and 401K. But one time, I heard an interview that changed my perspective and life. Then, I saw my husband speaking on stage at one of the largest conferences in the world. I was like, wow! My husband has tapped into his full potential, and now it is my turn to discover mine. Watching him motivated me to dream again. He is, to this day, my biggest support system.

Please share with our Sheen readers how you could stay motivated during these difficult times?

My husband, parents, friends that are entrepreneurs, and my kids keep me motivated. Most of all, the bible helps me as well. I can always read a bible verse during those moments or listen to a bible talk that motivates me. Of course, having meaningful conversations is excellent as well. I also learn from others. I love to learn and share what I know with others. So you will find me speaking on various stages, teaching workshops, on multiple tv shows, podcasts, writing in magazines and books. Why? Because I know that it only takes one person to change your life and to start to unlock your full potential. So if I can be that starting point for you, I am honored to do so.

How can you pivot during the Pandemic? 

Every business has to pivot and transition its business virtually and go digital. Why? Because the world has gone digital! The more digital your business is, the better. I tell my clients that if your business is not googleable, you do not exist. It would be best to make it easy for the consumer to have access to you, your business, and your brand. We are moving from brick and mortar to click and order. What has helped me so much is that now my businesses have a solid online presence and brand recognition. ALL companies have to do this to remain relevant. I love helping business owners from all over build their virtual; presence online that connects them consistently with their ideal customers using all the multiple areas of media.

How does it feel to be an author, and how can you help new authors with publishing?

It feels fantastic to be an author. For me, it is such a therapeutic experience. Having the opportunity to be in several #1 best seller books and to be a contributor author in them is such an honor. I am also so excited to have several self-published eBooks as well. My three #1 best-selling eBooks are: Learn How to Start a Podcast and Monetize It, Against All Odd He Protected Me, and A NEW ERA OF HOMESCHOOLING- How to Home school through a Crisis. I am blessed to be in collaboration with several publishing companies. Being the Co-CEO of Epic Business Leaders through this robust community of entrepreneurs allows me to provide our members with excellent cost-effective opportunities to fulfill their dreams of becoming an author. Suppose they desire to become an independent Arthur of eBooks. In that case, I train them how to unleash the full potential of their website to gain 100% of the profits through our connections with a fantastic webs designer that customizes websites for eBook Authors.

What is the art of marketing? 

The art of marketing starts with YOU! You have to go digital! I will let you in on one of the cost-effective tools that I use that had helped my business 100% when I purchased what I call my website buddy. It’s a digital business card marketing tool that has helped my business so much, and I got so many new clients using it. The NFL Almini uses it, and it’s fantastic. Check mine out here. If you have a website and do not have this, you are doing your business a great disservice. This tool helped my marketing 100 present and converted international clients and in the United States just by using this card.

Now you must understand the importance of building your visibility, connections, and monetization online. You have to develop the art of amplifying your voice to more people in a shorter amount of time that will leave a lasting impact on their lives for the better. In other words, tell your story and always be your TRUE authentic self. You are good enough just the way that you are.

To get people to support you, provide them with a safe, supportive community. Proper Positioning is the key to longevity in this industry. I teach you how to build your brand and business online presence Strategically on a solid, lasting foundation that will have people from all over the world “Say Your Name” and opt into your services and products over time. Then these fantastic people will start to share and recommend your business to other people because you have built a solid relationship that values them and you, which equals your COMMUNITY! Then lay the solid foundation in the virtual marketplace and become the go-to in your market by building your credibility and influencing the correct way that brings results.

Would you please leave us with some encouraging words? 

I want you to know that with all the success will come challenges and struggles, but the great thing is that once you push through those challenges, it refines you and builds up your resilience. My favorite quote is from Napoleon Hill. “Every Adversity, Every Failure, Every Heartbreak, Carries With It The Seed Of An Equal Or Greater Benefit.” I want you to know that that pain and struggle that you are feeling right now is about to birth your most powerful and transformational breakthrough. JUST DO NOT GIVE UP! YOU GOT THIS! I am no different from you. The only thing that sets me apart is my resolve not to give up and the will to surpass my most significant challenges and fears to change my family’s future. Be the change that you want to see.

Where can we find you? 

It’s time for you to Share, Shine, and Grow on our Show! You can find me all over Social media, YouTube, Google, and The Tina Ramsay Show & podcast, which is on Roku, AmazonFireTV, iHeartRadio, IMDb,, and Spotify, to name a few. Search our TV show name and CoachTinaRamsay online. You can also go to the Coach Tina Ramsey websiteand The Tina Ramsay Show website to be one of our future featured guests or to get on our waiting list for our consulting and media services.

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