Jon B. deserves all his flowers!

The legendary R&B singer exploded onto the scene back in 1995, quickly positioning himself to be one of the most well-respected recording artists of his time. To date, his extensive catalog of hits reminds folks that R&B is far from dead. Songs like “They Don’t Know,” “Are U Still Down?”, “I Do,” and “Pretty Girl” ensue instant nostalgia when heard.

Now, Jon B. is excited as ever to be releasing his first album in over a decade. His ninth studio album is titled Waiting on You, spearheaded by lead single “Waiting on You” featuring the legendary Tank. The project also boasts all-star features from Rick Ross, Donell Jones, Alex Isley.

Sheen Magazine had the opportunity to chat with Jon B. ahead of his performance at Glass House Brands’ event titled Smoking Weed Together Is A Love Language, in the heart of Hollywood, California.

What’re you most excited for tonight? 

Oh absolutely man, it’s beautiful to be here. It’s amazing. It’s such a great feeling to be back with new music, new energy. Just new vibes to give the world. When people come out and they want to celebrate with me like this, it helps me out even more. GOtta get on my A-game now and give them more music. Going to do some new stuff tonight, it’s going to be exciting.

Do you ever get nervous? 

I’m nervous right now, can’t you tell? [laughs]

Do you thrive when all the cameras are on you?

Yeah, this is a little bit more chill. But I do. I don’t think you don’t get used to this. And if you do, that’s dope. I’m working on that.


Talk about linking with Tank on “Waiting On You.”

That’s my new single, and it’s so good to be back with something new. I wrote this record four years ago though, it’s a trip how something that means a lot to you will hold on and stand the test of time. This song really has done that for me, so it’s so beautiful to share with the world. Tank’s feature came much later. I went on his R&B Money podcast.

I love that podcast!

R&B Money, you gotta check it out. All the episodes are amazing. He’s such an amazing guy. But when I played him the song, he wanted to sing on it. He said “I want ot be on that,” and that blew me away. It’s full circle for me because he was the inspiration behind a lot of the vocalizing style, because he’s one of the guys I really pay attention to right now.

He’s also hilarious. What is your favorite memory with him? 

[laughs] Honestly, being in Alaska. We were in Anchorage, Alaska together. Probably 20 below, with the snow and all that. And the Northern Lights. 

What were you doing in Alaska?

Doing a show! What you mean?

I love that you’ve been married for 17 years, that’s a beautiful sight to see.

17 years speaks for itself. It’s teamwork, a lot of patience. A lot of waiting, a lot of being patient. That’s what the new single is about, is waiting. It’s about the seasons of waiting. Sometimes it’s the winter, it’s hella cold. We gotta wait for it to warm up again.

What’s one thing you want to take away from your album, Waiting on You?

I really want people to understand: I’m a genuine artist. I write my material, my songs. And it comes from the heart. I’ve been in this game for a long time doing this, so I feel like I’ve earned people’s trust. In terms of the relationship is there, so I want to continue to nurture that relationship that I have with my fans. Just be honest with the music.

Anything else you want to let people know? 

Absolutely, the tour coming to a town near you. Wherever that is. Internationally. New music man, it’s on the way. Springtime, the album will be out. Till then, we have 3 songs out that are available right now from this album. It’s “Priceless,” there’s a video on Vebo as well for that. There’s “Understand” featuring R&B legend Darnell Jones, and there’s also “Waiting on You” featuring Tank.

Photo Credits:  @vizcomarketing