OWN’S #1 dating show Ready To Love is back for another round of helping hopeful singles find love this time we travel to Chocolate City also known as Washington, DC the Capitol of movers and shakers. Nephew Tommy is also back as your favorite host helping our daters with tips and challenges along the way to ensure a successful season of matches. “I’m interested in hearing what the audience takes away from this, because this is, this is a class act coming together.” Nephew Tommy states about the newest season of Ready To Love.

So far the Ready To Love production has filmed 5 seasons of heterosexual individuals finding love. However; we know when it comes to good television the LGBTQIA community has been known to give some good sound bites. So I asked Nephew Tommy his take on possibly having a LGBTQIA season, “I’m up for it. I’ll host it. Oh, I’d love to. And I’m well, let me tell you, I’m going to be real with you. I’m going to give it to you the same way I’m giving it to the past season contestants.” So looks like if OWN is up for some new spice Nephew Tommy is down to host for the culture.

Speaking of the culture, we also spoke about the classic television comedy show Comicview where a lot of today’s talent started off such as D.L Hugley, Steve Harvey, Monique, and the late great Bernie Mac.  “I would love to see that come back. I think the new comics and the up and comics need a platform like that, so they can express themselves and a stage where they can just let loose, and it’s just not out there anymore. So if they were to have something like that I’m on board. I would love to see it.  You know, somebody like DC Young Fly or someone like that. I mean, it would be good and give it some youth, give it some flavor and let them run with it. I think it’s time to come back around it and you know revamp it of course,” Tommy says about the possible return of Comicview.

Thomas Miles aka Nephew Tommy you might know from OWN Networks Ready to Love, one of the voices from The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Prank Phone Calls, television, and movies. Get your popcorn ready Ready To Love comes back October 15, 2021 8 CST/ 9pm EST.

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Featured Image by J. Vince Photography