Starz new hit show P-Valley gives us art, sex, fun and everything in between. My second favorite character on the show is Uncle Clifford whose real name is Nicco Annan. Clifford is the owner and house mom of the series small hole in the wall strip club based in the Mississippi Delta.

We at Sheen Magazine got to speak with P-Valley star, Nico Annan. Nico discussed the revolution of displaying a black non-binary character on cable television and how the showing displays nudity in a sense of art and not just nakedness. Annan also talks about never seeing a Queer full figure male on television before this show. Annan even shares his new found appreciation for strippers and the lifestyle.

Clifford always made sure his girls were good and well taken care of, but it also caused the club and him to receive the short end of the stick from the possible foreclosure, rocky love life and lack of cash.

Check out our full interview with Nicco Annan.