A new R&B group has formed that we didn’t know we needed. RSVP – the R&B group comprised of Ray J, Sammie, Bobby Valentino, and Pleasure P – could be that male R&B powerhouse the women have been looking for! For all those early 2000s girlies be sure to stay in the loop as your favorites have formed a group like no other with the perfect name to follow. Let’s take this back to a year ago at the June 2022 Verzuz between Mario and Omarion. Even though we knew this was a battle for the ladies, the men showed up as well. As the crowd prepared for Mario and Omarion; RSVP was an underlying project that was currently underway.

-Who came up with the name?

“RSVP was created by Bobby V, I put the group together, I write the songs I do everything,” said Bobby V which was quickly followed by laughter. As the playful back-and-forth conversation continued the group as a whole gave a shoutout to a special fan. Ray J then adds, “Really, a fan came up with it! We love our fans, we hear them and listen to them. So a special shout out to that fan because we are not looking for a lawsuit.”

-How is it sharing the stage with each other and begin able to experience this moment?

“We are hella functional and fun together, believe it or not,” Explains Sammie. “Even though this is our first year trying to pull the group together officially it has been a success. Things take time and we had to put in the work.”

-What is some of the feedback the group has received from the fans for the single, Money Everywhere and how do you think your fans will react in ATL?

“That song is on fire! We gone have a party for sure. This will be a very magical night and event. We are ready to tear down Atlanta! Our fans lead us to do what we need to do every time and we are ready. We will also be sharing the stage with Crime Mobb and others so this will be one for the city.”

With their single Money Everywhere, there was not a lot of huge marketing behind it. RSVP explained that they wanted to release this organically and let it do a slow simmer. The R&B group wanted to give the fans something aggressive, bold, and blunt. They all came together, released the song and it became an instant hit!

RSVP will be performing in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, June 24th with special guests Crime Mob, Dem Franchize Boyz, Trillville, and Day 26! The show will begin at 7 pm at the Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre. Be sure to purchase your tickets using the link provided.

These humble kings are ready to give their fans something they never received before. As they expressed, they love to share the spark as a group and now want to share this with their fans.