Atlanta Celebrates the Monumental Trope of T.I.P.

With nothing less than the utmost excellence, T.I. gives his city some of the most iconic orchestral brilliance ever heard in modern times. Artist and rapper known as TIP performed for a lifetime with his music performed for two decades, T.I: The 20th Anniversary of Trap Muzic. While the city came draped in their finest, no one could be prepared for what was about to take place.

The High Museum is one of the most cerebral and expressive places in Atlanta. But in the same corridor that leads you to its beauty is the Atlanta Symphony Hall. This journalist has personally never had the pleasure before. However, I was opened to a room that is signature and built for robust sound. The kind that engulfs you, and makes you realize what art is truly for. I had the pleasure of discussing the thought process, and the heart behind all things music, from 2003 to 2023.