During this time of quarantine, what better way to spend it gathered in the living room with your loved ones watching movies? Join TV One to celebrate Holy Week with encore airings of the cable-television premiere, SINNERS WANTED. Be sure to tune in on Saturday, April 11 at 12 P.M. EST/11C and Easter Sunday, April 12 at 4 P.M. EST/3C to watch this award-winning film. The unforgettable film tells the story of Grace Community Church Pastor Leo Shepherd portrayed by Kenneth Wayne, who is ridiculed by his hypocritical congregation after falling in love with Gigi, a woman with a troubled past. The film features singer and actress, Traci Braxton who plays Nana, Pastor Leo’s Grandmother who has raised him and done everything in her power to keep him on a straight path. This film also includes, legendary actor and let’s just say The Culture’s own national treasure, Clifton Powell. Powell plays One Eye, a tough man with a gentle soul who’s inspired to change his life after the church helps him survive, what could have ended it. Sheen had the opportunity to catch up with both these star-studded performers to discuss Sinners Wanted, forgiveness, their characters and what they both have cooking up in 2020. Check it out in this Sheen Exclusive!

Clifton, can you share why this role was so important to you and why you choose to play One Eye?

I’ve always loved working with small independent films. I knew one of the associate producers as well, after I read the script I immediately loved the script and resonated with the character.

What steps did you take to bring this character to life?

Well for starters, I had to learn how to use the wheelchair. However, every role I choose I like to approach each character, by finding the truth in them and searching within who they are as a person.

Why is this film important for audiences to see?

This film is about redemption, forgiveness and love. My hope is that when people watch this film they walk away with those factors and truly receive the message. Like my character says, we can’t talk about forgiveness but pass judgement. I want audiences to walk away with that message. Be open to God’s love, Jesus’s love and you will definitely be touched.

How does One Eye and Clifton Powell relate and differ?

We’ll we’re both straight-forward men. We’re both funny, honest and caring. However, One Eye is a tough guy that came from the streets. I’m not a tough guy, I didn’t come from the streets. One Eye is the type of guy that keeps a knife or a pistol on him just in case. 

The major theme in this film centers around “second chances”. How did that theme resonate with your character?

Well, it resonated with One Eye because he was shot in the back of the church. So, the church played a huge part in not only helping him survive but this is what inspires my character to truly turn his life around.

What did you personally take away from this role and hope audiences will too?

I’ve had to ask for forgiveness in my life, whether it was from family or friends and I’ve been grateful for them forgiving me. I want people to truly and understand the importance of forgiving and when you have been forgiven.

What’s next for Clifton Powell?

I have a new series coming on Bounce TV, that I’m excited about.  It’s called Saints and Sinners and I just want everyone to tune in and make the show a hit!

Continue reading to find out what Traci Braxton had to say about her role in Sinners Wanted.

Traci, can you tell us a little about your character and why you chose to play Nana?

Nana is Leo Cheopards Grandmother. She’s the mother of the Church and Leo becomes a pastor and I’m a PK (preacher’s kid) myself, so I just felt like I resonated with Nana.

How would you say this film will bring audiences of all ages together?

For starters young people today are not how the youth was back in the day. Today’s youth want to be seen and heard. Back in the day, you were told what to do and you didn’t debate; but Millennials are not having that and I love that. In today’s time, you have to be inclusive with the youth in whatever you choose to do. It’s like the Golden Rule, treat people how you would want to be treated, right? So if you want to be heard, you have to consider and hear the young people too.

You were born into a big family yourself, how has the theme of forgiveness in this film resonated with you?

It truly resonates with me. I forgive people all the time. You know I forgive but I never forget. I just believe it’s important to forgive others.

Is there a common similarity between you and Nana that would surprise your fans?

(She laughs) Not really. Nana loves her grandson and I love my grandson too, that’s my baby! Just like Nana, I’m going to just keep loving on my grandbaby. God gives us free will. So, all we can do for him is nurse him and give him guidance. 

What’s next for Traci Braxton?

Wow! Expect a lot. I still got my spirit honey, alcohol that is. (she explains with laughter) I also have a third album coming out so my fans can expect that. I’m having a ball and just loving life. God is blessing Traci, so you’ll see a lot of Traci just know that!

Featured Image courtesy of TV One