Ariel Shaw, serial entrepreneur, and fierce advocate for women in business, has been blazing trails in politics, business, and entrepreneurial development for quite some time. Having seen numerous business initiatives through to success, Shaw knows a thing or two about developing businesses and the women that run them. The heavily degreed Shaw has received numerous awards recognizing her work across the state of Georgia, including a Commendation from the Governor, a Proclamation from the Georgia Senate, and many others.  As her organization Southern Crescent Women in Business continues to thrive, women in business throughout Georgia continue to gain access to resources, knowledge and networking opportunities that help to excel in their areas of business. Comprised of powerful businesswomen in diverse areas of business, the Southern Crescent Women in Business aims to “support, educate, fund, empower, and advocate.” Shaw, who is well educated on matters of credit and finance in the business world, offers a wealth of information to the members of her esteemed organization. The Southern Crescent Women in Business is a game changer, a door to leveling up, for women in the boss’s chair!

Featured image by Ariel Shaw 

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