Sherry DeVouse Dennard knows firsthand what it means to change the game and chart a new course.  Having spent years building a career in the pharmaceutical industry, Dennard took a leap of faith and decided to become the boss, quite a change from the security that comes with being on the other side of that equation. After dedicating nearly twenty years to her former career, there was still that little thing that knew that there was so much more to the woman that is Sherry DeVouse Dennard, so she gathered her courage, faith, and took the leap into a business that is now flourishing before her own eyes.  Though she admits that it took a while for her to decide to jump out there, she is finding it all to be worth it. Today, she is the proud owner and agent one of the newest State Farm officed located in the heart of McDonough, GA and leads a team of five. Dennard, also very active in her community, is a member of the Henry County Rotary Club, Southern Crescent Women in Business, Henry County Chamber Ambassador, and BNI Ignite.  She is also featured in the inspirational book, Iron Sharpens Iron where she makes her debut as an Author. Also a wife to her loving husband, and mother to their blended family of five children, Dennard is loving this new role in her life as the woman at the head of the boss’s table!

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