Bare with us! SHEEN’s glowing and growing with our flaws. Here’s how you can too. We’re sharing our tips on how to be bare and find confidence in your flaws.

In a world where flaws are considered a negative connotation, SHEEN is stripping away all layers of negativity and embracing our imperfections. In other words, we’re going bare! Our flaws are imperative to our uniqueness and we’re adamant that the empowerment of being bare brings, will turn us into the royalty we’re supposed to be. The road to enable yourself to be bare and set your flaws free isn’t easy; however, SHEEN Magazine is here to give you the best tips on how to get started. Just think of us as your best friend, or your go-to publication for real life topics including beauty, lifestyle, and more. We got you! WE came with simple ways to expose your true self – in a good way.


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