Internationally knownSHEEN Magazine is excited to announce Kristyn Harris as the new Editor-in-Chief. Harris is a Greenville, SC native, a graduate of Lander University, considered an expert in media, beauty, fashion, and entertainment, and ready for the task. If you don’t know who she is, you will.

Starting as a “Trade Journalist” during undergraduate school, Harris was proud to book a job as the Web Content Editor for SHEEN Magazine upon graduation. As a result of hard work and dedication, it was not long before Harris was promoted to Managing Editor. When considering additional career advancement, this millennial knew “putting the work in” was essential and now felt ready for the next level. With Founder and Publisher, Mrs. Kimberly Chapman taking notice, Harris garnered the highly coveted position of Editor-in-Chief for SHEEN Magazine. Harris says, “I am fascinated with the inner workings of media and all things entertainment. It’s a dream and honor to combine media with beauty, hair, fashion, and lifestyle.” She goes on to say, “I love highlighting trendsetters and newsmakers to an eclectic group of people. I also want to inspire positive international change, one word, one sentence, or one story at a time.”

As Editor-in-Chief, Harris will oversee all departments for SHEEN Magazine.

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