Global superstar, Spice, releases an introspective single, ‘2085 Tea,’ a jaw-dropping new single/visual which explores the untold truth of the singer’s tribulations as an artist

Grammy-nominated superstar, Spice, the Queen of Dancehall, returns with her first single of the year – her most vulnerable release yet–– ‘2085 Tea.’ Piping hot, and well worth the wait– Spice serves up a cup of hot, spicy, brewing tea—as an open diary to her besties, her fans, all while fearlessly exposing some of her most controversial headlining moments.

‘2085 Tea’ is a fiery song that captures Spice’s unique sound as she drops the “tea” on her very own personal life, revealing some of the darkest moments she’s endured within the past few years, many showcased through the public eye. The upbeat song bares Spice’s raw, naked truth, promising that even as an artist, she can relate to experiencing many of life’s adversities just like her fans. The jaw-dropping, tell-all covers controversial topics surrounding betrayal, colorism, industry backlash, sabotage, cheating allegations, and more. 

‘2085 Tea’ is Spice’s most controversial single yet not only for its authentic truths, but also for its vocal creativity. Throughout the explosive new track, Spice time travels to the future, in the year 2085, embodying herself as an old woman, as she unapologetically speaks to herself in her ‘old granny voice’ about her past experiences, and how these experiences made her into the triumphant woman that she is today.

‘‘2085 Tea’ spills exclusive, never before told truths from Spice’s first-hand perspective about how one of her closest dancers slept with her children’s father, as well as oppositions surrounding colorism and influence from music industry standards. Spice also reveals the truth centered around her battle as an artist who was sabotaged by a powerful music executive who attempted to blacklist her career; all while shedding more light about her 10-year battle with her previous record label. 

With such highly controversial topics that have impacted her as an artist and as a woman, Spice is risking it all to give her fans the opportunity to connect with her on a deeper and more personal level. “I am in an era where I want to live in my truth,” says the platinum recording artist, Spice. “Being an open book comes with revealing personal experiences that I have been through to remind people that I am human.” she says. “I go through similar things just like them. Living in my truth and celebrating my 25 years in music, I am unapologetically sharing all that I have been through, and that I am still standing. If I can overcome all of the betrayal and opposition then my besties can overcome it too.”


The accompanying music video to ‘2085 Tea’ is a next level experience for viewers as Spice artistically imitates herself as an older woman, which took her six hours to transform into an older version of herself, incorporating makeup prosthetics applied by Nosworthy Creations. In the music video, Spice time travels to 60 years from now, using an old granny voice to tell her own story, and spill the tea, talking back to her younger self in her future voice about every aspect of her life. The immersive visual proves that Spice has rightfully earned her nod as ‘the most creative female Dancehall artist.’ The visual, like the song, is a real and raw open diary displaying how Spice rose above the controversy. The music video was directed by JD Production, written by Spice, and produced by Spice Official Entertainment. The rhythm track was composed by Keron “Yow Levite” Young, and mastered by Redboom Super Mix, and recorded at Ireland Recording Studios.

“2085 Tea” is distributed through Spice’s independent record label, Spice Official Entertainment in conjunction with Empire.

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GRAMMY nominated Dancehall artist, Spice, has preserved a twenty-five-year legacy, accredited worldwide as the renowned Queen of Dancehall. Her one-of-a-kind persona represented by her flamboyant hair and powerhouse stage performances shifted the impact of the genre of reggae and dancehall music, influencing it for what it is known for in today’s culture. The iconic artist from Portmore, Jamaica is influential in her messages of sexual liberation and empowerment throughout dancehall and reggae music.

Spice has collectively streamed over 433 million times on YouTube and over 65 million times on Spotify, making her one of the most streamed female artists in her genre. She’s collaborated with musical acts such as Missy Elliot, Nicki Minaj, Vybz Kartel, Kid Ink, Jeremiah, Busta Rhymes, I-Octane, Lady Leeshur, Sean Kingston, A$AP Ferg, Mya, Charly Blacks, Neyo, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Stylo G, and more. She’s appeared on Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tamron Hall Show and Good Morning Britain showcasing her talents and classics throughout a 25 year span.

Spice recently released her highly anticipated project, ‘10,’ acquired over 300 million streams, which led to her Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album in 2022. The impact of the album, influenced by her breakout hit single, ‘Go Down Deh’ featuring Shaggy and Sean Paul, leveraged Spice to conquer an even larger and diverse fanbase, to receive global acclaim. Spice is set to release her new album in August 2024. The album will be a raw, open diary of Spice’s tribulations and triumphs and a look into the past and future of her steady impact, all while commemorating her 25 years in the industry as an international recording artist.

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