Lucretia Pigatt, also known as “Da Hair Cutta,” is the best at what she does! She has been creating shear art with her scissors for years now. With an impressive client list all over the Southeast, Lucretia makes most of the magic happen at her salon, Noticeable Changes, located in Florence, South Carolina.

We are opening our Self Care @ Home series with Da Hair Cutta giving us some tips on maintaining your hair during the quarantine. She also shared with us how she is adjusting as a professional in the hair care industry during the shutdown.

How has this shutdown impacted your business in the haircare industry?

The shutdown has impacted my business in a major way because we’re unable to generate income. If we as stylists don’t work, we don’t have income to take care of our families or our businesses.

What are your top three tips to our readers for maintaining healthy hair during this time?

The first step in maintaining healthy hair is using the right products. If you have a stylist that you frequent, I suggest reaching out to them to see if they’re offering shampoo and conditioning kits. 

If you don’t have a stylist start off with a moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing Conditioner. The key is maintaining moisture in your hair. After shampooing your hair apply the conditioner and sit under the dryer with a plastic cap for 7-10 min, rinse and style as desired. Stay away from excessive heat! 

Give us an example of a daily “quarantine routine” for hair care.

Your daily quarantined hair care should be moisturizing. Style as desired without using excessive heat and protect your hair with a satin pillowcase or covering at night

How do you think your business will change or be impacted after this is over? 

Due to the importance of practicing proper sanitation and social distancing, the amount of clients that we will be able to service will be limited because we have to control the amount of people in the salon at the same time. If we have to limit the number of clients serviced, this will lead to a reduction in our tickets sales.

Please share a few inspirational words or your favorite motivational quote for our readers.

Always allow your faith to be bigger than your fears and everything will be just fine.


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All images courtesy of Lucretia Pigatt