We know that with power comes hardships, failures, and days that you want to give up. Fortunately, enough at SHEEN Magazine, we are here to remind you – it was just that mustard of faith that is needed. Please check out people we’ve deemed powerful.

1. Victoria Randle

As a nurse entrepreneur Victoria Randle has come from very humble beginnings, at the age of 15 she became orphaned. Victoria has been able to push through, not only for herself but to help other entrepreneurial women across the nation. She has helped over 100 medical training schools be established across the nation.

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2. Lora D. Williams

After being molested by her father from the ages of 8-14, Lora took the bold step of running away from home and joining Job Corps. It was there that she took a passion for Nursing and is now helping others catapult their career in Nursing by becoming CNA’s.

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