We’ve got a new conditioner we’re dying to share with you all. This week’s product pick of the week is Affair’s Fix-All Stabilizer Plus Hair Conditioner.

The conditioner was formulated with acid-balancing foam action that the hair seriously soaks all up. The foaming action of this conditioner is like no other. It gently penetrates into the hair and works it’s magic on the cuticle of the hair.

My favorite part about this conditioner is that it detangles the hair effortlessly after I shampoo my hair. I’ve also noticed a huge difference when blow drying my hair after using this conditioner. My hair has become a lot more manageable. Something I’ve struggled with over the years is finding a conditioner that will not leave that oily, greasy feeling after styling and I’ve found that this conditioner does not build up product on my hair.

photo obtained from Affair

Affair Fix-All Plus Hair Conditioner, $49.99

In addition, my hair has felt a lot stronger and softer. The brand recommends this product for many different uses. It is ideally an after-relaxer lotion and can also be used after color tining the hair or bleaching. That’s not all though, this conditioner is also great as a primer for the hair for easy finger waving.

It’s super easy to use, as any conditioner is. After rinsing out shampoo, tint, toner, or other products, use this conditioner to work throughout the wet hair. Leave the conditioner on for one minute before rinsing, and just like that beauts, you’ll notice immediate results.

Say goodbye to all the other conditioners living in your shower because this one is here to stay!

Have you tried Affair’s Fix-All Stabilizer Plus Hair Conditioner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!