It’s spring time and what better way to prepare for a Hot Girl Summer than to ensure your body is snatched and ready for the warmer months of the year? If working out just isn’t your thing but you want to make sure that your body is detoxified, than I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Today, we’re dedicating our SHEEN Product Pick to energizing and slimming your body, but doing it the easy way! This week’s Product Pick of the Week is Akura Wellness’ Complete Care Tea Kit.

Akura™ Complete Care Wellness Tea Kit, $200

I am someone who loves any type of tea. Something about a hot cup of tea helps me at ease. At the beginning of spring, I went out on a mission to completely revamp my tea collection and I stumbled upon Akura Wellness’ Complete Care Tea Kit. If you’ve been following along these Product Picks, then you know that I am a big fan of what the brand stands for. This tea kit was nothing short of amazing for me and even my loved ones. It includes the Complete Care Bossanova Energy Rosé Tea and the Simplisitc Rosé Tea. Both are great tasting and I found that both really don’t need add-ons such as honey or stevia. I dedicated an entire weekend to trying the Simplistic Rosé Tea one week and the Complete Care Bossanova Energy Rosé Tea another. To say that it is detoxifying would be an understatement. I really felt like both teas did a good job energizing my body and removing toxins from the inside out. With a hefty price tag, you may be hesitant but I’m here to reassure you that this kit is worth every penny. I am obsessed with the feeling I have after drinking both teas and I know you will too. For someone who isn’t as active as I used to be, I found these teas to be a great substitute on those days I just don’t feel like working out (which is a lot).

Which teas do you love for a good detoxing and energy? Let me know in the comments below.

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