IF there’s one thing that quarantine taught me is that my skin needs the most tender loving care. At the beginning of quarantine, my skin absolutely hated me and it showed. I broke out way more than I was used to. Upset and willing to make a change, I researched, tested out a bunch of new products on the market, and discovered what works best for my skin.

Ontop of not taking care of my skin, I think everyone can relate that face masks are part of the issue as well. I’m almost positive wearing a face mask for long periods of time has broken me out but besides the point, I want to share with you a product that I grew to love over the course of quarantine life so far.

This mask from Akura Wellness has become one of my go-tos and I know you’ll love it just as much as I do.

photo obtained from Akura Wellness

Akura Wellness Clear Confidence Detoxifying Pore Refining Cleansing Mask, $38

I began my journey with completely switching out my products. I gave this mask a try and began using it once a week on my skin. I love this gentle detoxifying mask from Akura Wellness because it draws out the impurities on my face. The formula is so gentle, yet exfoliating on the skin. It removes the excess oil and shine on the face without stripping the skin of it’s natural moisture. After just a few uses of this mask, I’ve noticed that my pores are significantly smaller. It has made a huge impact on the texture of my skin and I love it!

For more information on Akura Wellness, click here.

What skincare products have you tried during quarantine? Let me know in the comments below.