It doesn’t matter how much I enjoy using a skincare product, I am always on the hunt for new products to try when I’ve reached the last bit of product in my collection.

If you’re the same way, don’t worry because it’s actually pretty common and in fact, it’s actually recommended.

Just like hair care, you should always test out new products for trial and error to see if they work well with your hair or not.

When it comes to testing out new products, I am guilty of trying a ton. Today, I want to share with you all a cleanser that I have been using for years on and off again. It hasn’t let me down and I know it won’t let you down either!

This week’s SHEEN Product of the Week is none other than Akura Wellness’ Gentle Cleanser.

Akura Wellness Gentle Cleanser, $22

photo obtained from Akura Wellness

As mentioned, I am someone who loves testing out new skincare products. With this, comes a great reward because a lot of times I do end up finding products that work great for my skin. On a negative note, I have super sensitive skin so there have been times that my skin has flared up or broken out due to trying new products. Time and time again, I have found myself going back to this cleanser from Akura Wellness. It’s not only affordable but a little works a long way! I love that it removes my makeup easily. It’s like it melts the product off of my face without drying my skin afterward. My skin is always so smooth after I cleanse with this product.

I have oily skin so washing my face at the end of a long day really is my favorite part of the day. The mornings are just as important for me because cleansing the face ensures I start my skin’s day off on a good note. This cleanser makes me feel as clean as ever without leaving any residue or drying my skin out. I also love that it is not formulated with icky ingredients known to irritate the skin.

I have recommended this cleanser to my loved ones who have dry, oily, and combination oily skin – all of which who have enjoyed the product as much as I do, if not more!

Whether you have sensitive skin or not, I highly recommend this product for all skin types. It has done wonders for my skin and I know it will do the same for you!

Let me know if you’ll be giving Akura Wellness’ Gentle Cleanser a try in the comments below.