It doesn’t take a genius to know that styling your hair with heat can cause great damage to it. That’s one of the first things we’re taught when we’re starting our hair journeys. So why do we do it and why aren’t we using products that will help retain that natural moisture our hair produces? Great question. I had to learn the hard way that not applying products to the hair when styling can do some serious damage. As a big fan of a straightener or curling iron, I think it’s safe to say my hair went through an awful stage of being dry and damaged. Still learning and finding products that work well with my hair, I stumbled upon Congo Professional’s Daily Hair Revitalizer and let me tell you, it does everything it claims to do.

This week’s SHEEN Product Pick of the Week is Congo Professional’s Mello Moisture Daily Hair Revitalizer.

photo obtained from Congo Professional

Congo Mello Moisture Daily Hair Revitalizer

I know that my hair has lost a great amount of moisture though the great amount of styling I do on it with heat. It love how beautiful and shiny this product from Congo makes my hair. I saw a big change in how my hair flowed after using this product for about a week. It makes it so soft and manageable every single time. A little of this product goes a long way, which I think we can all appreciate. It is so easy to use, which is also a great plus. I also love that it is infused with hydrating ingredients such as coconut, gooseberry, and mongongo. You just apply a generous amount of the product into your hands and massage it throughout the hair before styling as you wish. I promise you, your hair will thank you later.