Peel-off masks are so satisfying to me! One of the most difficult skincare products to play trial and error with is hands down a face mask. Unsure whether or not it will work for your skin or not, what I found the most effective for me is checking out the list of ingredients in a face mask. As a particularly picky person when it comes to anything skincare, I always want to make sure that whatever I put on my face is going to do it more good than bad. I discovered a peel-off mask that completely changed the way I look at peel-off masks because lets be honest, it may be satisfying ripping that sucker off your face but it does take a little bit of work. Trust me on this one, this product will not let you down.

This week’s product pick of the week is Akura Wellness’ Luminizing Clarifying Peel-Off Mask.

Akura Wellness Luminizing Clarifying Peel-Off Mask, $25

For starters, I am highly impressed with how well this product worked for my skin. For a peel-off mask, I was a bit hesitant to pay $25 but I know I wanted to give it a shot because its list of ingredients was just too good not to. I’ve found that this mask specifically has been a lifesaver whenever my skin has a little freakout. It has helped tremendously clear my skin and cleans out the pores on my face. It has also helped with the acne scars I have accumulated over the years which is impressive. After the very first use, I could see what a difference it made to my skin. Not only was it glowing but after a couple of days, my skin was brighter too. I love how well it does at pulling out the impurities on the face but besides that, I love that it is fragrance-free because the skin on my face just hates any skincare product with a scent to it.

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