This week’s SHEEN Product Pick is no stranger to SHEEN Magazine. Over a year ago, we deemed it the must-have product during the beginning of the global shut down and for many reasons!

In this video, barber Groom God is seen using Nairobi Professional’s Kool Player After Shave – a refreshing antibacterial after shave that not only decreases the germs of minor cuts after a haircut or shave but can be used for many purposes such as in-grown hairs, razor burns, and even act as a soothing skin conditioner.

Nairobi Professional’s Kool Player is avaliable in four refreshing scents including Purple – Nairobi’s bold, classic scent. Red, a sport scent, Yellow the unisex scent, and Green a medicated Antiseptic (great for as a soothing scalp treatment).

We couldn’t think of a better product to shower cleanliness in the barber shop, especially now during our current pandemic.

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