When it comes to styling natural hair, finding products can be such a task. On my healthy hair journey, I have tested out what seems to be like a million products. The most frustrating part is that there has been a product in my collection that has not let me down. I always find myself going back to Nairboi’s Recovery Foaming Mousse Lotion – a film, yet soft hold mousse that has done absolute wonders for my hair. This whole time I went looking for the perfect product and it was sitting in my cabinet all along. This week, I’m dedicating our Product Pick of the Week to my tride and true product, the Nairboi Recovery Foaming Mousse Lotion.

Nairobi Recovery Foaming Mousse Lotion 8oz, $29

This product has been with me during my hair’s absolute worst state. It can be used on natural hair or during heat styling. I am 100% convinced that this mousse lotion is what saved my dry, brittle hair. After just a few uses, you’ll begin to notice how stengethening it is on the hair. It has not only made my hair healthy again but it has also ensured that my scalp stays hydrated to avoid irritation. When styling my natural hair with this mousse lotion, I’ve found that it adds the perfect bounce to my waves and they last all day! It gives the hair that strong hold without feeling crunchy, which will always sell me on a product. Let me know in the comments if you’re willing to try Nairobi’s Recovery Foaming Mousse Lotion.

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