Can I get a round of applause for Black-owned beauty brands?

Alaffia is not only an award-winning brand but they’ve dedicated years to providing the beauty world with high quality products while also giving back at the same time. The brand officially launched back in 2003 and since then, they’ve been making a difference in the beauty space with their amazing products. I’ve raved about them before and I’ll do it again! Here is another product from Alaffia that has saved me, especially in the midst of our global pandemic and the summer heat.

Today’s SHEEN Review is dedicated to Alaffia.

photo obtained from Alaffia’s official website

Africa’s Secret Multi-Use Balm (Unscented), $16.79

My hands are always so dry, especially since the beginning of this pandemic. In addition to that, I have a difficult time in the summer because I’m sweet and misquitos cannot keep away from me. With that being said, bug bites and my cuticles on my hands have suffered and luckily for me, I have found the perfect solution. Alaffia’s Africa’s Secret Multi-Use Balm is amazing not only because it’s unscented but because it was made from a traditional West African recipe that has been passed down for generations. That in itself was enough for me to try! My bug bites literally soak this up and my cuticles have never looked better. I apply this on my skin before bed and the magic literally works itself over night.