For today’s SHEEN Review, I’m introducing a product that I think everyone needs in their life. One of my pet peeves and worst nightmare is to have stinky feet. As crazy as it may seem, I like everything around me and on me to have a pleasant smell and I believe feet can be one of the most difficult things to disguise when it comes to smell. I have been loving this product from Arm & Hammer lately and I honestly believe I could save a life or two with this product. Today’s SHEEN Review is dedicated to Arm & Hammer.

photo obtained from Target

Arm & Hammer Shoe Odor Refresher Spray, $5.99

This talc-free spray from the brand has been a lifesaver for me and even members in my family. It is a quick-dry spray that helps fight against odor. Feet can be one of the most overbearing smells but this one does such a great job of neutralizing the odor. It keeps my feet fresh all day long and does a great job of absorbing moisture and sweat. I don’t necessairly think I have a problem with bad odor when it comes to my feet but I feel like this product does wonders at keeping my mind at ease. Who wants to kick off their shoes at the end of the day to an unpleasant smell? I know I don’t and you shouldn’t! Keep your feet fresh all day long with this product! Have you tried a foot spray before? Let me know your thoughts on it below!