I hope you all have been enjoying my skincare reviews lately because I know me and my skin have been loving all this experimenting I have been doing.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a handful of products from the popular drugstore beauty brand, Dove and man, I have to tell you they prove to be OGs in the beauty industry for real!

Today’s SHEEN Review is dedicated to one of the most popular brands in the entire beauty space of skin and hair, Dove.

photo obtained from Walmart

Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant For Odor Protection Sensitive 24-hour Protection, $5.97

I have literally given all my coins to Dove’s 0% Aluminum Deodorant line over the last few years. For all of you with sensitive skin, I highly reccomend this deodorant. I have been through my fair share of deodorants and this one is top tier. My underarms always feel so smooth and I don’t have to worry about it’s lasting power dying on me throughout the long days.

photo obtained from CVS

Dove More Moisturizing Than Bar Soap Pink Beauty Bar For Softer Skin, $8.99

I may be the last person on the planet to know what a beauty bar is but man, I am so excited I hopped on board. I love how soft this bar makes my skin. You can use it on the face, body, and hands! When I read the ingredients list, I knew this was a must try product for me when i saw that it was formulated with coconut milk and peony (peony is my favorite flower and scent).

photo obtained from Target

Dove Beauty Hair Therapy Hydration Spa with Hyaluronic Serum Moisturizing Shampoo, $6.99

I always find myself going back to Dove shampoos. It’s an OG in my book and my hair absolutely loves it. As someone with really thick, frizzy hair, this shampoo is so amazing. Even on the days I don’t style my hair, I find that my natural waves and hair overall is a lot softer and holds its shape better everytime I use this shampoo.

photo obtained from Walmart

Dove Hair Therapy Conditioner Hydration Spa, $6.94

Perfectly paired with the shampoo, this conditioner has been a life saver for me. It has made detangling my hair ten times easier and for that, I am thankful. I love that this conditioner retains moisture in my hair and defines my waves’ natural shape. There is also no parabens in this conditioner, something that is really important to me. Can we also appreciate the fact that both the shampoo and conditioner have pumps?!

photo obtained from Walmart

Dove Foaming Hand Wash Sugar Cane & Warm Vanilla, $3.27

This hand wash brings me so much joy everytime I use it. For one, my hands have been super dry with all the hand sanitizer and hand washing from the ongoing pandemic. I find that it is so moisturizing on the hands while gently removing all the ickiness from my hands during the day.

photo obtained from Target

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash, $5.99

I first tried this body wash in a sample size and after the very first use, I knew I had to get my hands on the full size bottle. It has a soft scent, which is huge for me and gently cleanses the body. With my skin being on the more dry side, I love how hydrating this body wash feels in the shower everyday.

photo obtained from Walmart

Dove Cream Oil Intensive Extra Dry Body Lotion, $5.52

I don’t know what it is but lately my skin has been dying for some moisture. My body has been loving this body lotion because it contains both a nourishing oil and hydrating cream. I kid you not, my body soaks up every ounce of this product on the skin. I love how soft it makes my skin and it has does wonders at healing my extra dry skin.

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