Are you ready for another SHEEN Review?

Today, I’m dedicating this entire post to Love Beauty and Planet. Have you heard of the brand before? If not, you’ve probably seen them on the shelves at your local drugstore or Target store.

It’s hard not take notice of the brand. I’m obsessed with it from the packaging to the easy to use bottles. Here are the products I’ve been loving so far from Love Beauty and Planet.

First up is Love Beauty Planet’s Tucuma Butter & Vanilla Body Lotion & Love Beauty Planet’s Tucuma Butter & Vanilla Hand Lotion. When I tell you I’ve never felt so cozy, I really mean that. I love how nourishing these products are. The size of the hand lotion is perfect to stick in my purse and it keeps my hands hydrated throughout the day. You know that’s important, especially with all the hand washing we’ve been doing now a days. The body lotion is just as great. I received so many compliments on how yummy I smelled every single time I wore this body lotion. The body lotion is also paraben-free and dye-free, which of course is always a win in my book.

Next up, the Love Beauty and Planet Marula Oil & Cedar Body Lotion and Love Beauty and Planet Marula Oil & Cedar Hand Lotion. I don’t know whether it’s the cedar wood or marula oil in these products but the two together is to die for. These limited edition lotions not only help the skin’s barrier grow stronger but they also help replenish any moisture lost your skin may have.

Love Home and Planet’s Concentrated Laundry. I had no idea the brand even stepped outside of beauty but I’m so glad they did. This detergent was made with plant-based cleaners and it is so gentle on the clothes. I love the fact that it is eco-friendly because your washer doesn’t have to let the water do all the work.

What products have you tried from Love Beauty and Planet? Let me know in the comments below!

All images obtained from Love Beauty and Planet’s official website