Who doesn’t love a good mask?

If you’re familiar with my skincare posts then you know that I am a true believer in face masks. I love incorporating a face mask into my nightly skincare routine at least once a week and to be quite frank, in the time I’ve done that, I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin. I’m about to put you all on a mask that is literally magic for the skin, trust me, you will thank me later.

photo obtained from Lunalis Cosmetics

Lunalis Cosmetics’ Skin Revival Clay Mask ($50)  is a mask that not only is formulated with natural detoxifying clays but it is also formulated with plant oils as well.

This great combo seriously does wonders to the skin and the best part is that it was made for all skin types. I highly reccomend this mask to those who feel as if their skin may be feeling a bit dull.

I have been loving how soft this mask makes my skin! I love that it reduces and absorbs all the excess oil on my skin. It also creates this beautiful glow because the gentle glay purifies those pores and help exfoliate the dead skin cells on the face. Last but not least, I love how hydrating and brightening it has made my skin.

It’s easy! Whether you use it at the beginning of the day or at night before bed, you just need to leave it on the skin for ten minutes, rinse the face with warm water, and viola, you’ve got beautiful, polished skin!

For more information on Lunalis Cosmetics’ Skin Revival Clay Mask, click here.