I love natural lashes. Upon looking at these lashes, the vibrant and colorful packaging caught my attention. Once focused on the product, I became intrigued with the fullness of the lash and started analyzing them to see how well it would complement my eyes.

photo obtained from Milani’s official website

Milani – The Enchantment Lashes, $7

I must say that I am not a fan of extremely big lashes because it looks unnatural. These lashes gave exactly what it needed to give! They were very easy to put on, complimented my eyes and added the volume I was looking for without being too much. I would highly recommend these lashes with any outfit whether you are dressing up or dressing down. A lot of times lashes can feel heavy and over a period of time, they become irritating. Not these, they are very light weight and full. I love how the lashes appears thin at the beginning and gets fuller toward the end of them creating a beautiful transition. They are definitely on my “to buy list” when I need to spice up my makeup.

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