A few months ago, I revealed to you all that I would be going through a big change with my hair. The very first step was cutting my hair and having a fresh new start. The second was to find products with ingredients that would not damage my hair even more. I use heat on my hair quite a lot, I can’t help it but what I can help is what I’m putting on my hair to protect it and ensure that it always looks (my version of) good.

I discovered Natural Formula Keratin Intense Ampoules a few months back and was instantly intrigued! Shots for my hair? Tell me more, right?

photo obtained from Natural Formula

This keratin kit includes four ampoules for weekly treatment for the hair. It was formulared with highly-concentrated keratin to make your hair more strong, soft, and luxurious.

After the first month of trying these shots, I was pleasantly surprised. My hair seems to be a little more resistant as far as breakage goes. I love how easy these shots were to apply. All you have to do is break the tup and apply evenly on the scalp and along the hair. All it took was two to three minutes on the hair and violá!

If you’re looking to give your hair a little more TLC and attention, definetly check out Natural Formula’s Intense Ampoules!

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