Back in the day, when I first started wearing makeup, I considered myself the queen of glosses. No, seriously. I had so many lip glosses in my collection and now, well I couldn’t tell you what happened. One day, I woke up and asked myself how I could possibly let go of such a fun addiction? I love glosses, they add the perfect final touch to the lips and takes your makeup look to the next level. I recently added three new glosses to my collection and I fell in love all over again.

Today’s SHEEN Review is dedicated to Ruby Kisses’ Butter Bomb Gloss.

Ruby Kisses Butter Bomb Gloss in Sublime, $2.99

I love a light berry shade and this gloss in sublime was seriously made for me, I am convinced. It adds the perfect hue to my lips and glides on to absolute perfection. I love using this gloss on the days that I don’t feel like doing “the most” with my makeup looks. It adds the perfect amount of “spice” to a natural beauty look.

Ruby Kisses Butter Bomb Gloss in Fairy, $2.99

Of course, I had to have a nude-ish/pink gloss. This one is so stunning on and I believe it would look beautiful on all skin tones. The formula is just something too good not to mention! I love how long-lasting and comfortable they are on the lips. It’s also not sticky, which is a huge plus in my book.

Ruby Kisses Butter Bomb Gloss in Nude, $2.99

For the days that I just want a little something sheer (yet with a little color), I have found myself gravitating to this gloss. It’s the perfect “everyday gloss” and I keep it in my purse, just in case of emergencies.

For more information on Ruby Kisses, click here.