Today’s SHEEN Review is all about the lips beauties! I know for myself, I have struggled with applying lip liner and quite frankly, I’ll admit. I’m lazy. I’m more of a gloss girl because I can just apply it and move on with my day. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Ruby Kisses when I thought, wow. I now see the point in lip liner. Whether you’re outlining your lips for a more full look or you just want to add dimension to your lips, you know exactly what you’re going to get when applying a lip liner.

Easier said than done, I know but why does beauty have to be hard right? I finally caved in and gave lip liners another try, and boy am I so happy that I did.

Ruby Kisses Cosmetics is a brand that has made it their personal mission to help you achieve confidence. I know I surely felt confidence when rocking their lip liners, especially. I also love how affordable their lip liners are but the best part about them is hands down their quality. I love how pigmented the colors are and how easily they glide. They stay on the lips all day long – and that’s coming from someone who is always snacking and/or drinking her coffee.

Check out this SHEEN Review on Ruby Kisses to see just why and how this beauty brand was able to change my mind about lip liners.

Auto Lipliner Pencil in Nude Pink, $1.99

This nude pink is the perfect amount of brown and pink mixed together. I personally love it paired with nude and pinky lipsticks but I think it would like just as stunning on a mauvey-toned lipstick or gloss.

Auto Lipliner Pencil in Red, $1.99

Everyone loves a classic red combo, right? Especially this time of year! Now that it’s the holiday season, I love breaking out this lip liner to add a little more precision to my lips. Red lipstick can be hard so I’ve been loving that this acts as an outline to my lips.

Auto Lipliner Pencil in Pure Red, $1.99

I’m loving this red lippie as well. It’s a true red color that isn’t as vibrant as the red lip liner above. It’s perfect for those that love a burnt red lip, whether for everyday or during this holiday season.

Auto Lipliner Pencil in Burgundy Brown, $1.99

I love the color of this lippie because it’s right up my alley. No matter what time of year it is, burgundy and brown lippies are my go-to. I think it’s the perfect colors to incorproate into your beauty year-round because it looks good with absolutely everything.

Auto Lipliner Pencil in Rose Pink, $1.99

If a natural-looking lip is more up your alley, than I’ve found your perfect match. The most natural lippie out of the bunch makes it stand out but the color of this bad boy truly makes it unique all on it’s own.

Auto Lipliner Pencil in Fuchsia  $1.99

Here and there, I love a great pop in color, especially on the lips. This lip liner from Ruby Kisses is so bright and bubbly – it’s bound to get the attention of anyone the second you walk into a room.

Auto Lipliner Pencil in Brown, $1.99

For all you brown-loving beauts, this lip liner was made just for you! It looks stunning as the foundation of your lips for a brown lipstick or gloss but even looks just as beautiful with a nude lipstick.

Have you tried products from Ruby Kisses before? Let me know what your favorite product from the brand is.

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All images obtained from Ruby Kisses