You’ve probably heard so many things about an essential oil diffuser within these past couple of years. They’ve become huge on the market and for good reason. I’m a little late hopping on the bandwagon but I’m so glad I gave it a shot. Today, I’m reviewing Timeblock’s Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Diffuser and sharing with you how it has benefitted my life as of recently.

photo obtained from Timeblock

Aromatic Ultrasonic Diffuser, $99

I have been loving this diffuser from Timeblock because it is so easy to use. This was my first diffuser ever and I was so excited to put it to good use. I was super intrigued because the description of the piece of art was so specific and cool.

It has ultrasonic technology that breaks apart the mixture of essential oils. I feel like I am at the spa when I have this diffuser running. It truly does refreshen the air and purifies it. I’ve lugged it around from my bedroom to the office, to my kitchen, and living room! I absolutely love the pineapple shape it is because it gives my space that modern-look.

I had a sick scare just last week (thankfully, I tested negative for COVID-19) and the first thing I thought of was to break out this diffuser. I couldn’t tell you why to be honest, I’ve just heard that a diffuser and/or humidifier helps a lot when someone is sick so I thought what a perfect way to put it to the test.

I cannot tell you how peacefully I slept with this diffuser on that had chamomile essential oil in it and I did not wake up feeling uncomfortable or like I couldn’t breathe. While I still had the Mr. Sniffles, this diffuser was definitely the key part as to why I slept as peacefully as I did when I was battling my cold.

Let me know if you’ve tried a diffuser before and how it worked for you!

For more information on Timeblock, click here.