Summer fashion, please don’t go!

I swear, each year before we welcome summer, I am already looking for pieces to include in my wardrobe. I love the bright colors and trends that are introduced to us each year but this summer was obviously different.

Unfortunately, this summer looked a lot different due to COVID-19. I’m not complaining about it though and if you thought that I would let it get in the way collecting more pieces for my wardrobe than you were clearly mistaken.

I’ve been obsessing with pieces shared all over social media. One piece in particular caught my eye and I knew I had to have it.

The fashion brand Tobi needs to explanation. I have been a loyal fan for years. As we prepare to wrap up the summer season, I couldn’t go without sharing my favorite and surely must-have fashion piece that I loved all this season.

I wore Tobi’s Tina Pink Halter Crochet Crop Top, (originally $72, now $36) all summer long and I’m not ready to put it away until next summer.

This eye-catching top received so many compliments this season and it’s clear to see why, am I right?

I love the bold pieces, the crochet material, and the versatility it has to it. I’ve worn it with jeans, white shorts, but my favorite way to style it is with a jean skirt (like pictured above).

When I think of summer, I think of this top. Though COVID-19 may have prevented me from wearing this top on vacation or even for a night out, I love that this top is so bold yet simple to rock without a special occasion.

Tell me what your favorite piece this summer was in the comments below!

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