It’s hard to tell the tough stories that no one wants to talk about, but the head of LightWarrior Entertainment, L.A. Lucas, is raring to tackle the hard issues through her new episodic series, Geared. Set in an para-alternate universe, Geared follows the stories of women in an oppressive society fighting for their rights through whatever means necessary while living in a country torn apart by war. The film tackles social and political issues while also shining a light on parallels that take place in our world. 

L.A. Lucas, creator of Geared, wants to tell the stories no one else is. “That’s the whole point of being a filmmaker,” she said, “we are telling the story for someone who can’t tell it for themselves. It might not be the easiest story to hear or see, but this is what’s going on. This is real; it’s real stories from real people.” She is passionate about what she does and seeks out only the most outstanding individuals to be in her projects. “I’m the type of director that understands more heads work better than one. So if [someone] has a suggestion, I’m like, ‘oh, let’s try it….’ Everybody is a creative on set.” This is how magic happens.   Actors currently contributing to the production are Donnie Riser, Armeen Acy, Jon Carter Christenson, and Lisa Greene. 

Lucas has always been creative and passionate about movies, books and tv shows. Growing up in the Bronx, she read a lot of fiction, but she read through them so quickly that she would often end up reading the same stories repeatedly. By rereading her favorite books, Lucas taught herself the intricacies of what makes up a good story. She then started writing her own stories following the patterns she had noticed in her books as early as eight years old. Equipped with these skills and her passion, she was later inspired to pursue a life working in cinema. 

It hasn’t been an easy road for Lucas. The film industry can be tough for anyone to break into; however, this can be tenfold, depending on a director’s background. Despite this, she is too strong-willed to fold under pressure. “When you’re independent and an African American female, it’s not the easiest. I went through spurts of working on film and then had to get a job because I didn’t get enough work,” she said. “[People say] ‘oh, you don’t know anybody, you’re female, you’re black, and so now you get this,’ but I never let that stop me. I keep going because that’s my gasoline.” 

With her passionate and devoted team, she is brimming with excitement for what the future holds for her latest project. As a director, she has the motivation, drive, and vision to craft her stories and share them with the world. “At this point, I’m just going to create my own path. I’ll do things to create my own buzz with my show Geared. I’m just tired of it just sitting there. The networks will soon see Geared’s potential, as well as mine,  as the creator.  I innovatively come up with different things to push it.” Geared is gearing up to be her greatest achievement yet, and it is coming soon. Stay plugged into its social media channels, GearedTV, on most major social media sites, and follow @iamlightwarrior on Instagram for the latest updates.