NOW! Media is excited to announce national that morning radio personality Sheri Lynch, co-host of Bob & Sheri with Bob Lacey, has authored her fifth book, It’s Always Something: A Coloring Book for Exhausted Adults. The book is published by NOW! Media, the company that nationally syndicates Bob & Sheri to over 70 radio stations nationwide and is co-owned by Lynch and veteran network radio executive Tony Garcia.
“Let’s face it,” said Lynch. “Adulting is tough work. It’s exhausting. Nothing seems to go exactly as planned. We know. That’s why we created this coloring book. They say coloring is soothing. It may not keep the cat from barfing on your brand-new Persian rug, but it may take the edge off. And, hey, it’s a lot cheaper than therapy.”
Each book is 10″ tall and 7 1/2″ wide and contains 50 pages of snarky coloring fun that sum up life’s little challenges and allow adults to work through them by coloring.
“We’ve always stretched the Bob & Sheri brand across media platforms to interact with fans wherever they are and everywhere they are,” explained Garcia. “Bob and Sheri have a creative dynamic that extends beyond their daily radio program to social media and unique live events. Sheri cannot be contained. She is always in touch with and doing something for and with their listeners.”
It’s well-known by Bob & Sheri listeners and the radio industry that Lynch is obsessed with social media and communicates extensively with her fans. “I’m up in their business, and they’re up in mine,” says Lynch. Bob and Sheri also host a weekly Live Happy Hour on Facebook for – and with – their fans.
This past spring, Lacey found a wedding dress in his attic that neither he nor his wife could explain where it came from or how it got there. Finding no explanation to the mystery of “Bob’s Wedding Dress,” Bob and Sheri staged a contest across all 70 affiliated radio stations and gave away “Bob’s dress” and a Florida wedding with all the trimmings
Lynch has authored or co-authored five books, including Cooking with Cats: Favorite Recipes of Crazy Cat People and the Felines We Feast With, which was published by NOW! Media in November of 2020. Featuring recipes from radio’s craziest cat lady (Sheri) and several cat-loving cooking listeners, Cooking With Cats has sold over 5,000 copies, exclusively from promotion in the Bob & Sheri radio show, their podcasts, and Sheri’s social media activity.
In March of this year, NOW! Media published The Book of Bob, three decades of Bob’s on-air comments, observations, and musings that Lynch wrote down over the years. The book has already sold 1,100 copies, proving, according to Lynch, that, “you can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”
Bob & Sheri host numerous podcasts, including the original content Oddcast. The Bob & Sheri radio show is also available to listeners in podcast form after the daily broadcast, and the weekly Fun Size podcast features favorite bits in a snackable form.
Lynch has a sixth book in the works, with plans to publish in 2023.
For more information on Bob & Sheri, stations may contact Tony Garcia, co-owner of Now! Media, the company that syndicates the popular morning show, at or 303-916-6333.
About Bob & Sheri:
Bob & Sheri (Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch) is syndicated by Now! Media, a company founded by network radio executive Tony Garcia and Lynch. The show is heard on more than 70 radio stations across America and in 170 countries via the American Forces Radio. To learn more about Bob & Sheri, please visit or contact Tony Garcia at (303) 916-6333 or