Bianca Edwards is a highly sought-after Los Angeles licensed esthetician who travels the world extensively to educate others as she grows her luxury beauty tools line, Beauty Done Right. Bianca began her esthetic journey in the 90s as a teenager. Since then, she’s worked in several sectors within the beauty industry.

Sheen had a chance to sit down with this licensed esthetician with a long list of credentials, including educating estheticians on how they can leverage their career into annual six-figure businesses. Bianca is most known as the former esthetician for Floyd Mayweather, whom she notably provided with over $100,000 worth of facials within three years of service. Bianca Edwards got that “Black Girl Magic” that can keep your skin together. Find out more in our Sheen exclusive below!

What inspired you to become an Esthetician?

I guess you can say that it was a natural progression. I can say that I’ve been a skincare fanatic since I was a young adult. I was the kid who took their allowance and birthday money and splurged on products like body washes, Clean & Clear & Noxzema products. I always paid close attention to others’ skin and noticed whether it was nice and hydrated or dry and irritated. It was just something that I naturally did. I didn’t grow up in an era where there were “influencers” or products being shoved down your throat every 10 seconds. In college, I was the product advisor for my closest friends when it came to recommending products to aid them with their teenage acne troubles. Once I graduated college, I decided to go back to school to get my degree as a Registered Dietician, followed by an Esthetician. My idea was to use the dual knowledge of both professions to help others achieve their best skin. Thankfully I chose to become an Esthetician first, and here I am today.

What’s the difference between microneedling and skin tags?

Microneedling is an advanced skincare treatment that provides amazing youth restorative results to aging skin and minimizes acne and stretch marks, amongst a few other things. Microneedling is the process of using a battery-operated device that gently causes controlled wound healing to stimulate natural collagen production. It’s often referred to as a Botox alternative.

Microneedling is quite different from a skin tag or a skin tag treatment. Skin tags and other skin imperfections are benign tissue growths that affect the overall self-esteem and confidence when they’re easily visible or overgrown. In addition, these growths often make people appear quite a bit older than they are. These imperfections are treated with a high-frequency device designed to dry out these imperfections and allow them to fall off over a few days. This is a quick, non-invasive way to transform skin and the only treatment in the industry that significantly improves the appearance of skin in a matter of days and without causing damage or trauma to the skin.

Which is your favorite technique between Microneedling and skin tag removal, and why?

Skin tag treatments are by far the best treatment that I like to offer. Microneedling takes a few months for clients to see the results since it works based on the body’s natural healing phases. Often the best results take time when it comes to microneedling, whereas skin tag treatments often produce same-day results or results in up to a week. Treating skin tags takes years off of a client’s skin and helps restore and instill confidence in people. I use The SIIT Pro device, which is under my personal brand BeautyEQ. The lifespan of an Esthetician can be very short when you overwork yourself, so I always advise Estheticians that have this type of treatment in scope to go for it. Bring this treatment into your spa, change lives, improve skin, work shorter days and earn more money.

Tell us about your product line BDR and where we can find it for purchase.

Beauty Done Right is an affordable luxury beauty tools line. I wanted a beauty line that didn’t really focus on beauty’s visual and physical aspects. I wanted a line that everyone could enjoy and would help people recognize that beauty done right is about how you feel vs. how you look or how other people feel about you. My mother had Multiple Sclerosis when I was younger, I saw her condition deteriorate over the years, but her love for self-care never waned. She still wanted to do things that made her feel good. That’s what I wanted in a line; something that everyone can enjoy despite their life changes that may sometimes make them feel less than themselves.

I love the use of simple tools in my facial treatments, and I’ve learned that my clients love them as well. I created this line so that spa professionals and non-spa professionals can incorporate these simple tools into their skincare regimens to maximize the benefits of their products + recreate spa moments, and enhance their routines.

I understand you specialize in advanced esthetic education on the latest techniques; where can estheticians sign up for advanced knowledge?

I specialize in Advanced Esthetic Education, and I’ve been a Distributor and Educator for ten years now. I’ve helped thousands of Estheticians around the world improve their spa revenues. I’m also really big on advocating for Estheticians and making sure they know their worth. So many in the industry are overworked and underpaid or offering deals and discounts just to grab clients’ attention. It’s a backward strategy that often leads them to get discouraged and give up on the industry.

Estheticians can visit the @BeautyEQ Instagram page and click the links in our bio; or they can visit and search “The SIIT Pro”  or the “Bella Microneedle” if they’d like to learn more about this treatment.

What are your do’s and don’t for people of color skin regimen?

Today’s ozone layer doesn’t agree with Grandma’s 1970s advice, so don’t go slathering your face with Vaseline if you’re trying to achieve healthy glowing skin and remember that Black & Brown people need to wear sunscreen. We need to protect our skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays as skin cancer is on the rise in people of color. Don’t try that TikTok routine that’s gone viral, or watch the DIY YouTubers telling you how great your skin will be after you do a TCA peel on your face with products you ordered online.

The best advice I can give to my Black & Brown Sisters and Brothers is that, although our skin may age slower, there are things we need to do to keep it healthy. The best way to get your skin in its best shape is by visiting an Esthetician so they can assess your skin and recommend treatments and products created to help you achieve the best results.

What’s your day like working with celebrity clients?

Sometimes the day may turn into the night, which may then turn into the days. This isn’t the norm, but this was what my schedule often consisted of when I was the Esthetician of Floyd Mayweather. I would often go with Floyd, sometimes flying to Las Vegas 2-3x a month. I always kept my bag packed and ready as there was no set schedule on when he’d be ready to have a treatment. Floyd has been my biggest celebrity client to date, although I am in talks with a few other celebrities who plan to have a treatment from me once our schedules align.

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