There are many astrological concepts, and it may be challenging to wrap your head around all of them. Know this—as above so below. Most of the calm and chaos in the world stems from what is happening in the celestial realms and those things deeply affect the human experience. Whether you believe in astrology does not matter because it exists. You see the Moon and the Sun, do you not? If you were to use a telescope, you can see Venus, Mars, and other celestial phenomena. What a person who does not innerstand astrology should say, is that they do not comprehend celestial intelligence.

When a planet travels through a zodiac sign, this is called a transit. All day, planets are transiting the zodiac and stimulating the human experience from degree to degree and minute to minute. Each planet travels through a sign for a specific amount of time. Currently, it is Capricorn season and what this means is that for thirty days, the Sun is moving through the sign of Capricorn. The Moon makes her transit every two- and one-half days, traveling quickly from sign to sign and each zodiac sign is ruled by a planet.

Introducing Pluto in Aquarius. One of the most important transits of our lifetime is about to commence. Pluto will officially leave Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) after transiting the sign since 2008. Pluto in Capricorn influenced leadership, authority, restriction, and limitations of those affected by those things. Pluto in Capricorn amplified powerful people to tighten their control in many ways, yet birthed coldness in authority creating excessive selfishness.

Pluto rules Scorpios and Uranus rules Aquarius’. Pluto and Scorpio influence passion, death, rebirth, and money. Uranus and Aquarius influence detachment, intelligence, rebellion, and humanitarianism. Pluto slowly transits a sign every 14 to 30 years and it takes the longest to move through a sign, taking a whopping 248 years to move through all twelve signs. 

This is an age of Aquarian transit and the last time Pluto traveled through Aquarius, major shifts happened. From 1778 to 1798, Northern American colonies and Great Britain engaged in the War for Independence for 13 years from 1775 to 1783, followed by the discovery of Uranus, and The French Revolution beginning. Aquarius Season 2024 begins with Pluto transiting Aquarius, although in September 2024, it will retrograde back into Capricorn and then return to Aquarius in November, and it will not shift into Pisces until about 2045. 

Pluto shifting into Aquarius from Capricorn is truly a collective breath of fresh air for the people versus the authority. Pluto’s death and rebirth energy in Capricorn was basically illuminating and allowing problematic powerful persons of influence to reign and most people willingly submitting to it. They were also being purged too. Pluto in Aquarian energy is about utter detachment, possible rebellion, and much more power and FREE WILL to the people. The receptive collective will move more towards controlled detachment, because as much as Aquarians are about free will, it is a controlling energy as well. This is a time of being free and powerful when being yourself and embracing the unusual. Pluto in Aquarius will put an end to anything that opposes this, which may birth all out rebellion of anything that has been too controlled. Whatever transpires will get cleaned up. Use discernment and be safe, be dangerous, be love and be peace. 

Stay tapped in with Astrologer @NhayahsGoode, Author of @TheSavageryofAstrology