Shinjini Das is an Industrial Engineer from Georgia Tech with her own media company. She started at the age of 24 focused on creating media content to motivate you to become a #GoGetter. Her efforts have reached 7 Million + self-identified go-getters globally across her social media channels each month and she is excited to offer actionable interactive advice to become a go-getter.

What inspired you to enter digital entrepreneurship?

Digital and social media collectively reach billions of people every second, so what would happen if we actually used social media for good? What if we used social media to motivate people? The impact of happy meaningful media content is exponential. That is our mission here at Das Media Group, to create media content with meaning, with a focus on motivating #GoGetters to go get their goals in the world.

What key messages do you share as a motivational speaker?

The US Department of State selected me to join the US Speaker Program, a cadre of US citizen subject matter experts who educate and build relationships with partner US Embassy nations to promote the American values shared by the US Embassy in the specific international host country. My areas of focus have been South and Central America, as a native Spanish speaker, with a key emphasis on motivating women to become go-getters who build digital businesses to go get financial freedom. Finances are the greatest concern of my go-getters worldwide. Women are thankful for actionable advice to go get their financial and business goals. 

Discuss the importance of social media strategy when building a lucrative brand.

Social media as an asset enables us to connect with millions of target audiences every day, which is a powerful tool. The first strategy a go-getter would engage in is identifying the core audience strategy critical to growth and expansion of a brand, and then go get the attention of that audience via digital and social media content. In my case, I am building my go-getters’ attention focus via attracting them with motivational digital content. Once a go-getter has the attention of the target demographic, then it’s about growing the target audience’s attention, and building a product strategy to monetize the message into a line of products suited to fulfilling the specific and niche needs of your target audience demographic.

What is next for you in 2020?

As a self-funded media company, we are working on scaling the sales of my memoir at 26 e-book, “Unapologetically, Shinjini” via to motivate people to become go-getters to go get their goals in 2020. We are also working on building community brand partnerships to scale the message of becoming a go-getter to aligned businesses and non-profits. Next is building my own website with information targeted to how my personal brand is expanding globally to motivate go-getters. I am also moving to LA to build my media company operations and will hire my first in-person freelance team.

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All images by Alena S